The hook is one of the most used pulling techniques in arm wrestling, with the Top Roll and Press (the last one used much rarely, due to his dangerousness and difficulty to perform) as well. It is an internal pull, in which the movement consists in closing the wrist towards you, holding an angle as close as possible between the bicep and forearm. Once this position is reached, side pressure must be applied to bring the opponent towards the winning side of the table.

How to properly train the Hook?

The hook is an arm wrestling technique that requires three factors: strength in the wrist flexors, great control of the hand in supination position and lats strength. In addition to these, it is obviously necessary to strengthen all the stabilizers such as the shoulder, pectoral and back muscles. Training must include specific work to develop these muscles both in terms of speed and strength. In addition to training your forearm and wrist muscles, it’s important to focus on your chest, back, and core as well.

The essential tools for training the hook

As in Top Roll, the hook training must be focused on all the muscles that are involved in this movement. Particularly, it is necessary to strengthen the wrist flexors and supinators, finger flexors and grip. This type of training requires a set of specific arm wrestling handles. Among the tools in Omega’s catalogue, those specific for hook that cannot be missing in your home gym are definitely the Hand Screwer, Finger Blaster and Wrist Wrench. Hand Screwer train the flexion, the supination and grip, Finger Blaster trains selectively the flexors of the fingers in isometric hold and Wrist Wrench the flexors of the wrist. In addition to these, you can complete the workout with specific handles for wrist and grip flexors (like Super Flexor and Grip Wrench), for finger flexors (The Claw) and for general supinator strength (Forearm Killer).

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