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The Support Grip is the grip that is used to hold an object with the fingers and the hand almost open in an isometric hold. This grip requires a lot of work to develop the strength of the hand, fingers and forearm. Training specifically for the Support Grip is simple but painful. Knowing your limits and pushing yourself further requires great mental strength, as well as a lot of physical preparation. Among the Omega equipment for training the flexors of the fingers for the support grip there is Finger Breaker, a handle designed to work on lifts from the ground and in pull-ups, and The Rail, the rail-shaped handle ideal for enhancing the isometric hold of the fingers in addition with the thumb.

Thanks to Mini Loading Pin it is also possible to use all of the handles in the catalogue, to create countless training variations, with different diameters and shapes, both for lifting from the ground and for all types of pull-ups.

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