Top Roll

The Top Roll is one of the main pulling techniques in arm wrestling.
The basic principle of the Top Roll is to exploit the opening of the opponent’s hand and fingers to generate a leverage advantage.

How to execute a perfect Top Roll?

To perform correctly a Top Roll, it is necessary to apply a backward traction (Back Pressure) and at the same time a flexion and pronation of the wrist, and keep holding back the opponent’s hand. Pectorals, core and lats will do the rest to bring the opponent’s hand to the pad. The Top Roll allows you to “open the opponent’s hand” and neutralize the power of his wrist and biceps.

What equipment to use to train Top Roll?

Top Roll requires great hand control and finger strength. The tools that cannot be missing in the arsenal of a professional Top Roller are: Anti Top Roll, The Claw, Anti Can Opener, Finger Breaker and Eccentrica Handle, designed to enhance the isometric hold and the flexors of the fingers, Grip Wrench and Wrist Wrench for specific work on the wrist flexors, Bullet and Hand Screwer to train pronation in back or side pressure, by simultaneously stimulating the grip. The arsenal is completed by all the tools designed for general strength, with a specific focus on rising, pronation and supination, such as Hand Winder and Forearm Killer.

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