Weight Cut

Going up a weightclass? Or going down a weightclass? The eternal dilemma that every arm- wrestling athlete will have wondered at least … Read more


One of the most frustrating things that can happen in this sport is losing without having had the opportunity to express your … Read more

The Hook

As of course, almost all of you will know, arm wrestling is divided into three main techniques, the sub-variations of which branch … Read more

King of The Table 9

Ninth edition of King of the Table, organized and now partially unified with East vs West, based in Dubai.  The opening match … Read more


In this article we will unravel a misunderstood, underestimated and criticized problem. The Press. The Press, like the Toproll and Hook, has … Read more

Programming for Beginners

The period of being new to Armwrestling is a truly fundamental part of the own path, which if managed correctly right from … Read more

Thomas Manghi

Name: Thomas Manghi Class: 1989 Height: 174cm Weight: 68 kg Wrist: 18cm Bicept: 39 cm Foreamr: 37 cm Titles: 7 times Champions 60/65/70/75kg, Coppa Italia – 80kg, EuroArm 2016 – … Read more

Pull-ups in Armwrestling

In this article we will specifically analyze every aspect concerning pull-ups and the transference they can provide to improve performance at the … Read more

Daniele Sircana

Name: Daniele SircanaClass: 1976Height: 176cmWeight: 102kgWrist: 21cmBiceps: 51cmForearm: 41cmTitles: 11 Senior National Titles, 1 Senior Absolute Title, 1 Senior Absolute Title at … Read more

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