King of The Table 9

Ninth edition of King of the Table, organized and now partially unified with East vs West, based in Dubai.

 The opening match sees Nisa Camadan (Turkey) face and dominate Sarah Collins (USA), 6-0 final in a match never in question.

We then see two opposites face each other, the Norwegian Lars Rorbakken with decades of experience, against Valera Chobotaru (Russia) in his first appearance on the world stage.

Despite a good start from Valera, Lars manages to come back and set the pace for the match. Valera will manage to win another round, but it will not be enough and the Norwegian’s superior experience will earn him the 4-3.

Arif Artem, Turkey’s super heavyweight, appears as an opponent to Sergeii Kalinichenko (Ukraine), rising from 115kg in his last match.

Despite the difference in weight, it will be Sergeii who wins the victory, achieved thanks to a superior hand and arm, and with a single round lost, due to Arif’s lightning speed. 5-1 Kalinchenko.

Ermes Gasparini, the Italian gladiator enters the arena, ready to demonstrate to everyone that he has filled his technical gap against athletes taller than him. What better choice than Vitaly Laletin, the Russian titan who towers over 2 meters.

The match opens with a close fight, and Ermes loses the first round following 3 elbow fouls in an attempt to escape Vitaly’s grip (among the highest ever recorded in the world).

Once they reach the straps, Ermes manages to win the second round, equalizing the score, 1-1. But Ermes fans can’t smile with relief that Laletin already wins the third round in a flash, with a very quick initial hit.

The score from the current 2-1 will finally go in favor of the gladiator with a 4-2, despite many rounds within a millimeter of defeat, thanks to greater technical versatility he will be able to demonstrate the quality of his training in the last period.

As the last match, and main event, of the evening, the Canadian Devon Larrat, double world 115kg and super heavyweight champion, clashes with the Bulgarian Georgi Tsvetkov, coming off a decisive victory against Zaur Paizulaev, which guaranteed him this match.

Although, as Devon himself later declared, Georgi’s hand is second to none, we now know that a single strong point is not enough to oust the Canadian ex-special forces. Who once again ends the match without having taken a single round, 6-0 Devon Larrat.

This sequence of victories is the best calling card that Devon could present to Levan Saginashvili, the last person to beat him decisively, and who he will have the opportunity to face again in April, to remove every single remaining doubt of his current position as n.1 at each weight.

Martino Doni

Martino Doni

SBFI Athlete; Medical Student; Personal trainer; Training Methodologist

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