Arm wrestling handles

Omega arm wrestling handles are famous for their ease of use, sturdiness, quality of materials and ergonomic design to obtain maximum results from each training session. They are suitable for strengthening the wrist, hand and fingers, as well as improving forearm strength and the mobility of the areas involved in the characteristic armwrestling movements. Omega handles are made of iron and plastic, with non-slip surfaces to ensure comfort and safety use.
The most important features of our equipment is certainly their versatility. The handles can be used together with other supports to focus the training on a specific muscles and adapt them to your needs.

Arm wrestling training handles are suitable for both arm wrestling newbies and professional athletes. According to your level of experience, you can use them even in a different way in order to progress in your training. This equipment is essential for training all the main muscles of arm wrestling, such as: wrist flexors, finger flexors, grip strength, pronator muscles, supinator muscles and abductor (rising) muscles.

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