Grip Training

Grip Training equipment

Become a Grip God with Omega’s grip training equipment. For Grip Training it’s essential to train the power of the fingers and the hand. This is why we have studied a set of specific tools to stimulate these muscles and bring them to a new levels of strength.

Grip training workout: what you need to know

As the saying goes: “You Can’t Lift What You Can’t Grip”! This is to point out how important grip is, whether you decide to dedicate yourself to weight lifting in general (Powerlifting, Weight Lifting, CrossFit, etc..), or whether you want to train yourself in Grip Training. Grip Training is a sport that focuses on reaching the maximum grip performance, involving the forearms, hand and fingers strength. The exercises develop all the muscles that go from the elbow to the fingertips, in order to improve performance in the three types of Grip discipline: crushing (crush grip), pinch (pinch grip) and isometric (support grips).

Your grip training workout should include these goals:

  • strengthen the grip between the fingers and the thumb
  • strengthen the grip between the fingers and the palm of the hand
  • strengthen isometric hold, used to hold onto or to lift something for an extended period of time

Among the equipment that you can use to train these specific variations of the grip there are certainly all types of handles in the Omega catalogue. Ergonomic and safe, thanks to the non-slip grip, every handle can be attached to all Omega supports.

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