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The PRO table is the perfect combination of structural resistance and weight. With its 55kg it represents the ideal choice for a context that requires a practical table to transport and to assemble/disassemble during competitions or training sessions, but without sacrificing a resistant structure, capable of withstanding any type of stress. Thanks to a completely redesigned frame and optimal weight distribution, the PRO table is the perfect companion for your workouts both in the Home Gym and in a competition context, or simply “out of town”, all without sacrificing the undisputed Omega quality 100% Made in Italy.

100% Proudly made in Italy
Design inspired by feedback from top athletes

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The PRO Table is the Armwrestling table with the best weight/strength ratio on the market! With its 55kg weight and quick assembly and disassembly system, it is the ideal choice for competition organizers or those athletes and teams who are constantly in different locations and who therefore need to transport their table in a practical and fast way without sacrificing resistance and Omega quality.

Okumè plywood wooden top, 30mm thick, completely worked on high-precision CNC machines, for timeless dimensional stability and to guarantee perfect insertion of the pads in any condition. Therefore, no more periodic adjustments of the bushings under the worktop. The same precision was reserved for the pads, made with the same wood essence in order to guarantee perfect dimensions and stability.

60mm x 30mm tubular frame with a thickness of 3mm, drilled on CNC machines and certified welding for a resistant and aesthetically refined structure.

The structure is already designed for the assembly of original Omega accessories, which can be installed directly on the worktop without having to remove any components, for maximum convenience and speed of assembly and disassembly.

Shaped padding with high precision water cutting in certified EPDM industrial rubber, to guarantee the perfect relationship between consistency and elasticity. Standardization according to ISO standards allows you to find the exact same characteristics in terms of weight in kg/m3 and Shore00 hardness on each table produced.

These specifications allow the athlete to be comfortable even shooting near the perimeter of the pad without the fear of incurring involuntary elbow fouls.

This particular type of material was also used for the side protections, to guarantee maximum comfort for the athlete and allow him to best express his shot.

60mm diameter legs and M20 oversized thread machined on a lathe, for perfect precision and quick and easy assembly on both the top and the base. The hole on the thread allows for easy unscrewing (thanks to the stainless steel wrench supplied) even in the event of excessively tight tightening. The best combination of stability, resistance, practicality and aesthetics!

High thickness tubular base to ensure optimal weight distribution and exceptional stability of the entire table. Welds made by certified welders, to guarantee the best aesthetic result combined with maximum structural resistance.

Custom-made pegs with knurling specifically designed to offer the best relationship between grip and smoothness which, combined with the double radius of the end, guarantees the athlete maximum comfort in every shooting setup.

The craftsmanship finds its maximum expression in the thick imitation leather covering of the surface and pads as well as for the stitching, specifically designed to be reduced to a minimum and strategically positioned internally to offer the best feeling on the parts in contact with the athlete and thus avoid annoying abrasions and maximize its durability over time.

The embroideries on the top and the sides are the right completion of an ambitious product, made with passion and absolute dedication by those who viscerally love arm wrestling and who ardently desire its diffusion in every sporting environment, in Italy and in the world.

Model: PRO
Certificate: Professional/Competition, Commercial, Home
Weight: 125lbs
Upper Frame: Tubular frame
Wooden Top: Okumè wood 30mm thick CNC cut and drilled
Pads: Okumè wood 60mm thick CNC cut and drilled
Legs: 60mm metal tube with M20 turned thread
Covering: Eco leather 1,3 mm minimum thickness
Dimensions: Standard WAF Certified
Pads Material: EPDM closed cells Shore00 35±5, density ISO 845 and hardness ISO 868
Base: 80x40x3mm metal tube
Accessori: Quick assembly Pulley and alluminium competition Platform
Finishing: Matt black powder coating
Pins and Bushings: Black anodized aluminium
Production: 100% Made in Italy


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Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 50 cm
Color: No selection

Black, Red, White

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Table Pro
Original price was: 1590,00€.Current price is: 1490,00€.
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