Revolutionize your training with the New ELITE Table

The year 2024 will be a truly special one for Omega and the entire Armwrestling community!

You may have noticed that a crucial product for an Armwrestler is missing from our catalog: the table. Over the past few years, it has been rightfully pointed out to us, and gradually we became more aware that we could address this “critique.”

However, what no one knew is that the table has been a source of concern that has accompanied us since the beginning of our adventure. Our perfectionism led us to extend the project timelines because the Omega product had to and must meet our 100% satisfaction. Contrary to common belief (also due to poor offerings and dissemination), the table is a technically complex product.

All of us have had the opportunity to use various types of tables, from fixed to collapsible ones, from budget training tables to more renowned ones considered the best technically and qualitatively available on the market. Still, we can guarantee that none has ever remotely satisfied us. Poor materials and technical shortcomings have always been the constant in these field tests and trials. Unfortunately, the offer has been so poor that athletes have become accustomed to this level, considering tables exceptional that would objectively be considered subpar in any other sports setting.

Our mission as Omega Strength Obsession has always been to promote this extraordinary sport in Italy and worldwide. This goal includes creating high-quality equipment capable of defining and elevating the seriousness and reputation of this sport, even for those unfamiliar with it, or those who do not consider it a regulated sport with a national and international federative structure.

As you know, problems related to the table often begin before you can even start training. Difficult assembly, poor couplings between various components, and blatant factory defects left unaddressed without any problem, just to name a few.

After assembly, the problems unfortunately do not end. Low-quality materials, such as cheap PVC coatings causing irritating abrasions on elbows after just a few minutes of use, imprecise coupling of pads to the surface, making easy insertion and removal difficult, extremely inaccurate padding (causing premature deterioration) or even nonexistent padding (leading to unintentional elbow fouls), screws/bolts heads dangerously visible and unaesthetic, inappropriate shapes and grooves on pegs, nonexistent side protections causing bruises and abrasions to athletes’ hips, thin plywood side perimeters susceptible to breakage, out-of-square leg joints leading to welding failures near the coupling bushings if overstressed – these are just some of the defects that we consider unacceptable for this type of equipment.

Without considering compliance with measurements as defined by WAF regulations: have you ever tried to check the measurements of the tables on which you train? Leg spacings, distances between pads and to the center of the table, or the table’s measurements, just to name a few? Most likely, at least one of these measurements does not comply with the regulations. How can a sport gain respect and position itself seriously in the national and international sports scene if its flagship equipment, marketed as “suitable for competitions” and compliant with the regulations, turns out not to be so in practice?

Imagine for a moment if manufacturers of sports equipment in any other discipline marketed gear as compliant with the respective sports regulations without it being true: barbells sold as regular for weightlifting competitions without being so, discs sold as competition calibrated without being so, benches sold as regular for powerlifting competitions but with completely different measurements… and these are just a few examples we could make. The lack of seriousness and respect from manufacturers/sellers towards athletes would be unacceptable for anyone, and it should be no different for our sport.

A sport aiming to spread as much as possible cannot in any way rely on such equipment that often causes pain, discomfort, and negative feedback for the athlete. Instead of bearing the signs of a productive workout, the athlete ends up with the marks of inadequate equipment, which will undoubtedly be a deterrent to new enthusiasts and potential athletes. Imagine entering a gym to start a journey to improve your strength or overall physical condition and using traditional isotonic machines that, due to incorrect design or poor resistance profiles, cause joint or tendon pain instead of allowing you to focus on the muscle groups you want to train. This would obviously be unacceptable, and in our case, it should be no different!
I know you would like a preview at this point… here it is 💪
Fabio Pantaleoni

Fabio Pantaleoni

Founder of Omega Strength Obsession; Strength trainer Expert AIF; Raw Training Strength Specialist.

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