Table ELITE – Any technical details?

The wooden parts, especially the tabletop, of our new arm wrestling table have been the components that have put suppliers and Omega itself to the test the most, as it has been extremely challenging to find a structured and technologically equipped entity capable of adhering to the design and therefore respecting such tight dimensional tolerances.

Wood, as we know, unlike metal, is a “living” material and therefore potentially subject to a certain degree of flexibility over time, which is why all manufacturers have adopted compensatory solutions to allow the pads to fit correctly as the spacing between the bushings on the tabletop changes (often imperceptibly), by acting with the lock nuts present on the underside.

On the contrary, our intention has always been to completely eliminate the maintenance required and guarantee perfect couplings to the user in any condition without having to worry about these kinds of issues.

To achieve this, we have selected a plywood wood essence (specifically Okoume) used in the nautical sector due to its incredible resistance to atmospheric agents and humidity, capable of remaining perfectly stable over time, thanks to its intrinsic characteristics and its thickness of 40mm, the highest available on the market.

The project therefore envisages that the processing will be entirely entrusted to CNC machines in order to scrupulously respect all technical specifications to ensure precision both on the individual piece and on a scale. 100% of the pieces in each batch are checked and tested to ensure the quality and precision required by the design, without delegating any adjustments to the athlete.

The same treatment has been reserved for the pads, which, with the same material (this time with a thickness of 30mm), have also been processed on the same CNC machines to avoid any type of error or failure to meet dimensional tolerances.

Obsession is not by chance a part of our brand name, as you can see…

Fabio Pantaleoni

Fabio Pantaleoni

Founder of Omega Strength Obsession; Strength trainer Expert AIF; Raw Training Strength Specialist.

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