Table ELITE – True innovation, starting from the Frame

The frame of Omega’s Elite Arm Wrestling Table is another standout feature of this project.

Its purpose is to interface with both the wooden top and the legs, which will need to be screwed into it.

Traditional arm wrestling tables feature a welded tubular frame to delimit the perimeter and allow for anchoring of the wooden top on one side and screwing in of the legs on the other. This solution has numerous drawbacks, including the presence of welds (often inadequate, as well as aesthetically unrefined) at the leg screw points and the use of excessively thin tubular materials. These characteristics (previously existing) are primarily designed to speed up the entire production process and minimize production costs as much as possible.

This all translates into a table that is excessively lightweight and especially not very resistant due to the imperfect positioning of the welds, i.e., at the legs, where the cutting forces at play are truly high: this is mainly due to the heat of the welding, which causes even minimal dimensional alterations leading to misalignment (but above all out of square) of the threaded inserts into which the legs are screwed.

To avoid all of this, Omega’s Elite Table offers an innovative and absolutely unique solution in this market. The Frame, in fact, has been made “solid” from 20mm thick laser-cut steel, without any welding. After cutting, the processing moves to CNC machines for drilling and threading, guaranteeing once again absolute precision, resulting in easy and precise fittings, determining a perfect alignment of the legs: all thanks to the creation by Massimo De Pasquale of dedicated 3D processing .step files, to be delivered to specialized centers.

This solution has allowed for:

  • from a purely technical point of view, a solid structure capable of withstanding any type of stress
  • from a functional point of view, easy and precise assembly
  • an aesthetic result of a level never seen before.

What do you think? 😏

Fabio Pantaleoni

Fabio Pantaleoni

Founder of Omega Strength Obsession; Strength trainer Expert AIF; Raw Training Strength Specialist.

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