Table ELITE – Who’s the Project Leader?

Where did we leave off? 🫵

The idea of creating a new table for arm wrestling?

The “red table” seen on the web was the spark that reignited the enthusiasm and desire to get back to work on a project that had been wanted from the start, but we thought was complex.

We were right: it turned out to be complex.

We discovered that behind that exceptional table was the mind and hand of Massimo De Pasquale, a seasoned Senior SBFI athlete, team leader of the Spartaco Armwrestling team in Parma, and recognized as one of the greatest technical experts in arm wrestling tables nationally.

If we ever wanted to collaborate with someone on this project, he would be the right person 💪.

Massimo turned out to be very strict: if we wanted to avail ourselves of his collaboration, we had to adhere to a meticulous production process, starting from the 3D project created on CAD, from which we would have produced the individual components (each dimensioned and exported into individual drawing boards, steps, and dwg files to be provided to craftsmen) and the relative overall ones.

A very technical and professional job, achieved using two “powerful” development software.

Massimo’s passion for arm wrestling was second only to his perfectionist nature: he would not have accepted compromises on quality for purely commercial purposes.

With the growth of arm wrestling in Italy and worldwide, many entities have embarked on projects, sometimes approximate, solely for economic gain: this had to be avoided at all costs by Omega.

Our desire as a company and Massimo’s personal desire was to give the athlete a table that, in addition to impeccable quality, was characterized by exceptional comfort, stability under stress, quick assembly, all combined with unprecedented resistance to wear and weather.

Quality without compromises where the athlete was truly at the center of every decision.

The more we discussed, the more we realized that our vision of Omega and Massimo’s view on sports and equipment was absolutely shared.

Our idea was to create a table without compromises, where quality and attention to detail should take precedence over everything else.

This time, no market research, product positioning, or price range, just the best possible to ensure the athlete an unparalleled training experience.

With the inclusion of Massimo De Pasquale as Project Leader in the table project, one of the most desired collaborations was born, and we set one of the most difficult goals we wanted to achieve: create something that had never been done before, in arm wrestling and in the world.

We believe we got close… very close… 😏

Fabio Pantaleoni

Fabio Pantaleoni

Founder of Omega Strength Obsession; Strength trainer Expert AIF; Raw Training Strength Specialist.

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