Why Strength Obsession


Arm wrestling: your passion, our mission

A discipline that brings to the table the values you believe in and which you share with the community of people who love this sport and the challenges it entails: hard work, sacrifice, toughness, honesty, respect for opponents, sharing. When you choose arm wrestling, you choose it forever. It’s an overwhelming passion that grows over time, as you see your technique being prompter and your mind and body becoming more and more prepared to face workouts that take you to the limit. This is our training ground for life. A philosophy, more than a sport, that teaches us to improve ourselves as athletes and, mostly, as people.

Omega was created with the intention of spreading the culture of Armwrestling and Grip Training in Italy and around the world.

Here you can find all the tools that allows you to achieve your goals on the table and in your home gym. In addition to equipment designed to maximize results and support training at the table, we also organize events to promote the meetings between athletes, from beginners to pro. We are waiting for you at the table!

Our motto: Strength Obsession

An ideal so strong to bring together Armwrestling enthusiasts from all over the world.
A community that communicates the values and beauty of this sport.
A shared dream, which you are also part of.

Omega Equipment

Armwrestling equipment designed by athletes, for athletes

When you buy Omega equipment, you buy the experience that the greatest international Armwrestling champions have gained through years of training and table matches. Our equipments are born from a process in which the athlete is at the core of our work. In other words, they are conceived, designed and created by athletes, for athletes with the aim of offering you increasingly functional, effective and precise products for training specific muscle groups and specific movements.

Thanks to feedback from pros and with countless tests after workouts with them, we continue to improve training equipments in terms of shape, ergonomics and design. This makes us the most innovative manufacturers of Armwrestling equipment on the market: we listen to the needs of the athletes and we don’t just copy what already exists.

The best Omega tool is the one we’ll make Tomorrow.

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