Arm Wrestling

Armwrestling equipment

Omega Armwrestling equipment has high standards of ergonomics, comfort, quality and durability. 100% Made in Italy, they are the ultimate tools for training hand, wrist and forearm strength. Follow the tutorials available on each tool’s page to improve the technique and strength of your pulls.

How to train for Armwrestling

Whether at the gym or at home, training for Armwrestling is not always easy. Being able to make the same movements and train the same muscles without having a real opponent to deal with, and looking for the same feedback, requires a very proper study about design and ergonomics of the equipment we are training with. Omega’s catalogue of Armwrestling equipment has all this requirements, whether in terms of movements and muscles.

Your training program must have this requirements:

  • Train forearm strength to master your technique, whether it’s hook or top roll
  • Train hand control to bend your opponent to your game
  • Build general and phisical strength in order to dominate the movements and transactions at the table, from back to side pressure

Any tips? Try if you can, to combine training by your own with table pulls with other athletes. Training with other peoples will allow you to plan better the sessions with our equipment, to strengthen and improve your weak points.

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