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Enter the Omega world to take your training sessions to another level. All the tools in our catalog are designed and built by athletes, for athletes. In every ergonomic and design choice there is the experience and passion of those who have chosen arm wrestling as the sport of life. Omega is much more than just a brand of sports equipment: it is a community of enthusiasts who promote arm wrestling in Italy and around the world. Now you are part of it too.

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Weight Cut

Going up a weightclass? Or going down a weightclass? The eternal dilemma that every arm- wrestling athlete will have wondered at least … Read more


One of the most frustrating things that can happen in this sport is losing without having had the opportunity to express your … Read more

The Hook

As of course, almost all of you will know, arm wrestling is divided into three main techniques, the sub-variations of which branch … Read more

King of The Table 9

Ninth edition of King of the Table, organized and now partially unified with East vs West, based in Dubai.  The opening match … Read more


In this article we will unravel a misunderstood, underestimated and criticized problem. The Press. The Press, like the Toproll and Hook, has … Read more

Programming for Beginners

The period of being new to Armwrestling is a truly fundamental part of the own path, which if managed correctly right from … Read more

Thomas Manghi

Name: Thomas Manghi Class: 1989 Height: 174cm Weight: 68 kg Wrist: 18cm Bicept: 39 cm Foreamr: 37 cm Titles: 7 times Champions 60/65/70/75kg, Coppa Italia – 80kg, EuroArm 2016 – … Read more

Pull-ups in Armwrestling

In this article we will specifically analyze every aspect concerning pull-ups and the transference they can provide to improve performance at the … Read more

Daniele Sircana

Name: Daniele SircanaClass: 1976Height: 176cmWeight: 102kgWrist: 21cmBiceps: 51cmForearm: 41cmTitles: 11 Senior National Titles, 1 Senior Absolute Title, 1 Senior Absolute Title at … Read more
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